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Fleshlight Renewing Powder Alternative

Renewing Powder

Since we posted the Fleshlight Renewing Powder review, we’ve heard from a number of you asking if there are cheaper alternatives.

We’re happy to share: YES!

There are actually two very good alternatives if you want to save a few dollars and put it towards your next Fleshlight instead.

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Corn Starch

This isn’t just good for cooking! In fact, corn starch is the primary ingredient in the Fleshlight renewing powder. Often used to thicken soups, most people don’t know that it’s also used in paper products as an anti-sticking agent and that’s exactly why it works so well here.

Baby Powder

If you want your sleeve to feel like the day you just got it, it’s only right you treat it as well as a newborn baby’s bottom. Baby powder works wonders and is a great alternative if you don’t have corn starch around the house.

Use either of these just as you would the real thing, after you have rinsed and cleaned the sleeve.

You’ll quickly see the stickiness go away and the Fleshlight SuperSkin return to it’s former natural and soft glory.

How to Dry the Fleshlight: Tips You Can Use

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Using your favorite toy is a whole lot of fun but how do you dry the Fleshlight?

Of course, this only comes after you clean the Fleshlight. It’s important to rinse it thoroughly as soon as you’re done to get all the crevasses nice and tidy.

But the thorough cleaning obviously adds a lot of water so now that it’s all even more wet …

How do you dry the Fleshlight?

The first thing we do is take a piece of  absorbent cloth and give the Fleshlight a nice rub all over and as much as you can reach inside. You can also snake in the cloth to soak up the water in and around the edges.

Fleshlight has special prices for our readers: see them now!

This immediately reduces the water in and around its surface by 70-80%. After this step, there are a few ways you can make sure you to completely dry it out.

  1. Air Dry: If you’ve got time, this is the best way to dry the Fleshlight. Simply leave sleeve out of the holder so air can circulate in and around it. Within a few hours, you’ll notice it begins to dry out. This is a great method but the drawback is that you need to be able to leave it in out and that’s not an option for everyone.
  2. Use a hair dryer: If you’re short on time, use a hair dryer on its coolest setting and, keeping it at a distance of at least a few inches, gently blowing in air through the back of the sleeve. It’s important you dry it from the back so that you don’t affect any textures at the entrance and also so that the warmest air is concentrated at the back.
  3. Use the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer (review). Of course, the warmer is intended to get your sleeve warmed before use but we’ve found it also works great to dry the Fleshlight after use. Simply slide on the sleeve on the unit, turn it on, and within minutes, it will be almost completely dry.

Why you should keep your Fleshlight dry?

Drying the sleeve helps get rid of all excess moisture build-up. If you store your Fleshlight with moisture, over the course of a period you time, you will begin to notice the sleeve deteriorating. You may also notice black spots forming on the sleeve.

This is because the water was left on the sleeve. So if you want to not only keep your sleeve looking like new but also preserve the supple texture and make your Fleshlight last longer, it’s important to always dry it out.

Fleshlight Sale: Grab Two Fleshlights for Under $70 Shipped

Fleshlight Sale - Two For $70

Fleshlight is having an awesome Hard at Work sale (pun-intended, we’re guessing!) this week with all of its incredibly pleasurable Fleshlights at 20% off with free gifts and even FREE mystery sleeves to thrust into at spends of $100, $150 and $200.

In fact, we noticed some great discounts that will let you grab a minimum of two excellent bestselling Fleshlights for less than $70 — shipping included — so if you’re a newbie this may be the perfect time to experience what all the fuss is all about for yourself.

With the 20% off, the Quickshot Vantage is going for its lowest ever price of $27.96 as of the time of this post. This fantastic and compact sleeve regularly sells for $34.95. Combine that with the Flight Aviator, which is on sale for $39.96 and you’ve got TWO Fleshlights for $66.96 shipped to your door in completely discreet packaging for on-demand pleasure. To put that into context, this is usually how much you’d expect to pay for one Fleshlight and shipping.

If you haven’t heard of these before, the Flight is a nearly regular size SuperSkin sleeve with a hyper-realistic feel that comes with a compact discrete case for travel or storing in plain sight. See it or watch a video in action here. Both are in the Ice look so they’re completely see-through for maximum enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the Quickshot is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight (Quickshot review) and is unique due to its fully exposed orifices so you can enter from either end. This means it can be used as supplementary stimulation during blowjobs or oral sex with your partner or solo to take the edge off.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator Girl

Or if you prefer the ever-popular classic pink Fleshlights, those are also on sale for $51.96. So you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Remember, if you order over $100, you get a free gift with your order. Or even better, if you happen to hit the magic $150 threshold like us, you’ll get a mystery sleeve thrown in with your order completely free. That’s a $50+ value so it pays for itself if you’re hovering around the $100 mark anyway. We won’t even mention there’s a free Sex in the Can at the next threshold because that may be tough to resist as well.

Best Lube for Fleshlight

As you likely know, a good lube is essential to get the most out of your Fleshlight.

We’ve previously explained what kind of lubes you can use with your favorite toy.

Now that you you know to ensure it is water based so you don’t risk damaging your Fleshlight sleeve — the skin texture portion inside you can use, which is the …

Best Fleshlight Lubes

Best Lube for the Fleshlight

Fleshlight has special sale prices for our readers: see them now!

Astroglide lubes is water-soluble and that’s why they’re perfect for use with the Fleshlight. Use a bit of astroglide, complement it with a bit of water and you’ve instantly got the perfect viscosity to slide. We recommend adding just a few drops of water because we feel it gives a more natural feeling to the product.

KY brand also works well and the plus is that it can be found at most retailers. The lubricant was first invented to aid with prostate examinations in men and gynecological examinations in women. But, of course, there’s another very good use for this lubricant.

Fleshlube (review), which is sold by the Fleshlight manufacturer itself, is also water-based lube that comes in the optimal consistency for use with your Fleshlight. However, it can be on the pricey side compared to Astroglide or other generic water-based lubes.

So which is the best lube?

If you want the best bang for your buck, we commend Astroglide and KY brand. They are reputable brands that contain exactly what they promise, unlike some other brands, and provide gentle non-sticky lubrication. They provide great value compared to lubes advertised specifically for toys.

Both can be purchased in most pharmacies or grocery and convenience stores with a medical supplies or personal health aisle.