Fleshlight Guide

Which Lube Can I Use With The Fleshlight?

You can use a variety of lubes with the Fleshlight but certainly not all.Durex Play Lube

The most important thing to keep in mind about any lubricant you use is that it is a water based lube.

Using anything other than a water based solution can destroy the texture of your sleeve.

That’s because any other liquid bases will not wash off when you run it under water and dry into the skin of your sleeve, slowly start reacting with it upon storage.

If you’re not sure when purchasing, look at the back of the bottle and it should specify the liquid base.

Fleshlight also sells its own brand of lube called FleshLube (review). We’ve also rated our own best lube for Fleshlight.

How To Make A Homemade Fleshlight

Everyone who sees a Fleshlight wonders if it’s possible to make a homemade Fleshlight at home. I sometimes call this creation a banana peel Fleshlight.

Of course, you may not be able to completely replicate the texture and remarkable skin-like feel of the Fleshlight but you can make something at home that we guarantee will feel a lot better than your hand.

Things you’ll need:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Banana Peel
  • Microwave


Cut a piece of aluminum foil approximately 8 inches by 10 inches in size. This will form the cover for your DIY Fleshlight.

Aluminum Foil

Next, peel the banana half way through. Take out all of the banana. If there’s bits left in the half you haven’t opened, simply scoop them out. You don’t need to get it completely clean and if there tiny specs left, that is fine. The banana peel will form the texture sleeve of your Fleshlight. Cut off the hard stick end of the banana.

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Now, put the banana in the microwave for 5-10 seconds so it’s warm but not hot. The key is to warm the outside and inside of the peel so it melts a slightly to smoothen its texture.

Take the peel and lay it out on your foil vertically so that the larger side of the foil forms the height and shorter side is the width.

Roll the foil around the banana peel so make it a cylindrical shape to hold the peel and seal off all openings except the one at the top. That’s the front of the peel and the opening that you’ll need. Almost like you’re rolling about a burrito, not making it too tight and enough space for you to enter.

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Foil Wrapped

Your homemade Fleshlight is ready to use!

Simply hold your creation with the foil and insert yourself into the opening. You may need a little bit but certainly much less lube than using a sex toy because of the smoothened texture of the warm peel.

You’ll be able to feel all of the peel rubbing up against your cock head.

Fleshlight STU

As you go deeper, since we left the second half of the banana peel unpeeled, it only gets better. As you push into it, you will thrust open the second half with your dick for some rather intense sensations.

Keep stroking until you climax and you don’t have to worry about spilling out since we encased our creation in foil that’ll contain the load.

After you’re done, simply wrap the foil into a ball and throw it out. No mess or pesky cleanup!

If you share this how to make a homemade Fleshlight idea, please be sure to link to and credit me here at the Fleshlight Expert. Hope this brings you as much pleasure as it did for other readers.

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Pro Tip: How To Warm Up Fleshlight Before Use

Warm Fleshlight

Today we’ve got a pro tip to share with you: How to warm up the Fleshlight before use to get the most out of it.

We all know one of the main reasons skin on skin touch feels so good is because of the natural warmth of skin.

But there are a couple of ways you can replicate that feeling with your sleeve.

  1. Soak your Fleshlight in hot water before use. This will help rapidly warm up both the inside and outside of your sleeve. In fact, it will also moisten its texture to feel more skin like. Wipe off from the outside and let the water from the inside drip off before you apply the lube. We guarantee you won’t be going back to using it the old way once you’ve felt the warmth this brings.
  2. Fleshlight actually has a product specifically for this use called the Sleeve Warmer (see discount). Looking a bit like an upright dildo, this unit warms up for you to slide your sleeve on. It can powered by USB or a wall outlet and warms it to a cozy 105 F degrees or 45 C with radiating heat in five minutes without messing around with water. It also has a light to let you know when it’s ready.

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Either of these is the absolute best way to warm up a Fleshlight. Having personally used it often, it certainly makes the experience better when you are craving that extra realistic feel and want something fleshy and warm to slide into.

This was briefly mentioned in my How To Clean The Fleshlight post, but I thought it deserved to be expanded on.

Don’t forget to check out all my reviews, including this in-depth Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer review, to get the best bang for your buck — literally.

How To Clean The Fleshlight

Fleshlight Girl

The Fleshlight is a great sleeve that feels even better but it needs proper care if you want it feeling as soft as the day you purchased it.

How to Clean Before You Use the Fleshlight…

You want to give it a quick wash with water to clean it of any debry that may have dried and settled in the chambers.

This not only acclimates it to the temperature you’re washing it in, it also removes the dryness from the chambers and leaves you with a clean Fleshlight to get into. The next thing you want to do for the most pleasurable experience is soak it in warm water so the insides warm up nicely.

If you want to know the best way to warm it up, read my pro tip on how how to warm up fleshlight before use.

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How to Clean After You Use the Fleshlight …

Rinse it off both inside and outside with warm water and let the water run through the opening at high speed so it gets into all the little chambers of the sleeve.

Once you’re confident, it’s clean, the best thing to do is let it air dry. Leave it where you have a good airflow so the air circulation can help dry it that much quicker by absorbing the moisture inside it.

Don’t ever put it in its container until it’s dry. If you don’t have the benefit of a lot of time to air dry it, a quick hack is to use renewing powder or regular baby powder.

Sprinkle it on the outside as well the inside of the sleeve and it will dry even quicker since the powder absorbs the moisture.

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