Fleshlight Blowjob Simulator Review: Turbo Thrust Is Here

We’ve been waiting for a Fleshlight blowjob simulator for years… and it’s finally here!

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is said to duplicate the sensual blowjob experience, but does that hold true?

First, this particular Fleshlight is different from others because it has three separate points you can insert from. Think of it as the tongue, throat and the lips.

What this means is that the three entry points is engineered to provide the most suction out of any of the other sleeves. That’s a an important feature for a blowjob simulator.

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Fleshlight Blowjob Simulator Review

But the question is does it really feel like it? Let’s just say I had my doubts before I tried it the first time.

It sounds like a great idea but a blowjob is something that is extremely difficult to replicate. What I found with just the right amount of wetness generated by the lube, it comes damn close.

The non-anatomical orfice was able to provide so much suction that it felt like my ex had her lips so tightly wrapped around me that she was almost sucking the juice right out of me.

Take it deep enough and it’s like deep throating to your heart’s delight. The best part is you can take it as hard as you want or slow it down by stimulating just the tip or all of yourself. But the suction is definitely real!

The sleeve is designed for you to enter three different ways depending on what you’re craving. For example, one entry is designed as the tongue that stimulates you before you push right in for that initial deep throat feeling you don’t forget.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

As you go in deeper, the right amount of pressure pulls you in and grabs on to you while gently torturing your tip with everything it has to offer. Use a Fleshlight sleeve warmer before use to get it just the right temperature and you’ll be in heaven.

The narrow ribbed texture goes extremely well with it to provide just the right amount of resistance as you feel it around you.

The Turbo Thrust is also see through so you can see exactly how you’re being pleasured and all the right notes you’re hitting. The case is similar to that you’ll see with other sleeves and does the job. But the real magic is in the sleeve which has an insertable length of 8.5″

It’s a great alternative to the standard Fleshlight and orfices. So if you like getting sucked off, the Turbo Thrust is a must.

Brandi Love Fleshlight Review: She’s A Heartthrob

Brandi Love

The Brandi Love Fleshlight has been released and, boy, is it different than I expected.

If you’re not familiar with Brandi, she’s been able to make herself the ultimate MILF. The 40+ year-old American porn star proves age is just a number.

She’s originally of Polish and German descent with massive 34 DD breasts that certainly don’t hurt. She’s 5′ 7″ and came into the world of adult film into her 30s and then just to prove how good she is, she’s won MILF Performer and Best Cougar multiple times.

The babe been known for her swinger circles for years and is very open about her thoughts on relationships so the Brandi Love Fleshlight will help you swing your dick right into her.

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Brandi’s Fleshlight uses the new Heartthrob texture for the lady and Shameless for the butt. I’ll cover the Heartthrob sleeve here since that’s the one I purchased for this review.

Now, even at first glance you’ll notice this is an extremely unique texture. Unlike some other sleeves that include a variety of different textures as you get deeper into it, the Heartthrob keeps is quite consistent. I wondered how that would affect the intensity of the strokes.

Brandi Love Fleshlight

After using it several times, I can report that it’s definitely not what I expected. It’s got a very tight opening so as soon as you enter, you almost feel like you’re entering Brandi Love’s forbidden space. As you push in further, it actually widens a bit so you immediately get a sense of comfort being surrounded by the walls.

The singular texture is snug so it manages to keep the intensity consistent throughtout the session. And what you’ll notice is that the top walls are slightly different than the bottom half so depending on the position you come in, you’ll get a slightly different experience each time. It’s certainly intense and each time I’ve had a slightly different experience.

If you enjoy a tight and intense experience, I definitely recommend the Brandi Love Fleshlight. She may just be my new heartthrob.

Alina Lopez Fleshlight Review: Deflower Her Rose

Alina Lopez

The Alina Lopez Fleshlight we had been waiting for launched this week — and you know what that means, we finally got our hands on it for a test drive!

Before I get into the review, let’s quickly make sure you know who Alina is. She’s a 26-year-old porn star who was voted Hottest Newcomer by AVN in 2019. She’s been racking up the recognition since and this sweetheart who is half Mexican and half Irish grew up in a conservative Mormon household.

And you know what that means. She was eager to rebel! In fact, before she joined the adult industry she was a model and a talented gymnast who won several state championships in Arizona. That’s a welcome talent in the bedroom.

Now that you’re well acquainted let’s get into our Alina Lopez Fleshlight review. Fleshlight released both a Butt and Lady orfice modeled after Alina. I opted for the Lady and I’ll explain why.

Alina is rather petite so I expected the sleeve to already have a higher intensity feel and fit than some others and that proved to be a good choice. So unless you want an extremely intense feel, I would recommend the Lady.

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Alina Lopez Rose Sleeve Texture

Called Rose, the first thing I noticed was that the sleeve begins with a narrow entry that guides you through a series of almost equally tight chambers as you make your way through.

You’ll feel a series of pleasure rings, grippers and intense edges as you thrust through the sleeve.

Unlike some other textures where the sleeve opens up as you go deeper, I found that my head was surrounded by tight textures almost the entire way through the in the Alina Lopez Fleshlight.

Alina is 5’6″ with a 32C rack and I have to say that’s almost exactly what Rose felt like. It’s just as tight as you’d expect a petite pussy to be and provided a very pleasurable experience.

Of course, you won’t be able to stare into Alina Lopez’s blue eyes but there’s not much better than deflowering the beautiful hottie by plucking her rose.

Mia Malkova Fleshlight Review: Level Up!

Mia Malkova

This week I thought of trying the Mia Malkova Fleshlight and all I have to say is… Christmas came early!

First off, we all know Mia Malkova is a total babe.  She’s 5’7″ and has a look that can go from innocence to dirty girl in a second. She’s just about flawless with Hazel eyes and a 36C rack.

The all California girl from Palm Springs has been rising up the adult film charts for years and it was a perfect time for her to get her own Fleshlight while she’s at her peak.

In this Mia Malkova Fleshlight review I’ll tell you what makes the Mia Malkova Fleshlight Lvl Up combo a great deal and why you’ll want to try it.

Fleshlight has special prices for our readers: see them now!

There’s two sleeve textures with Mia’s name on it: Boss-Level and the Lvl Up.  I’d like to have reviewed both but after seeing the Lvl Up combo sleeve texture (displayed below), I couldn’t help but just appreciate the absurdity of it and wanted to immediately try it.

Mia Malkova Lvl Up Sleeve

The texture is littered with everything from pocket holes to ribs, nudges, dots and the whole gamut. But the real test is how it really feels.

I can tell you that in one word: amazing. One of my favorite things is the entrance on this pussy sleeve, it’s just so different than any of the others I’ve tried. It tickles you in all the right places as your head pushes into it.

And once you’re past it, you know the fun is just starting because it’s like a roulette wheel of textures as you stroke in and out of this Fleshlight. I stick to one texture for some time then depending on the length of stroke move to the next when I want a change and then back. It really does feel as good as it sounds.

It maintains a good intensity level while not being too intense and you can vary it with how deep you go to pull yourself back or go right to the edge.

Mia Malkova is great on her own but the Mia Malkova Fleshlight truly is next level. The combo pack comes with the beautiful sleeve itself, a care pack, Fleshlube water and another free Fleshlube sample.