Best Lube for Fleshlight

As you likely know, a good lube is essential to get the most out of your Fleshlight.

We’ve previously explained what kind of lubes you can use with your favorite toy.

Now that you you know to ensure it is water based so you don’t risk damaging your Fleshlight sleeve — the skin texture portion inside you can use, which is the …

Best Fleshlight Lubes

Best Lube for the Fleshlight

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Astroglide lubes is water-soluble and that’s why they’re perfect for use with the Fleshlight. Use a bit of astroglide, complement it with a bit of water and you’ve instantly got the perfect viscosity to slide. We recommend adding just a few drops of water because we feel it gives a more natural feeling to the product.

KY brand also works well and the plus is that it can be found at most retailers. The lubricant was first invented to aid with prostate examinations in men and gynecological examinations in women. But, of course, there’s another very good use for this lubricant.

Fleshlube (review), which is sold by the Fleshlight manufacturer itself, is also water-based lube that comes in the optimal consistency for use with your Fleshlight. However, it can be on the pricey side compared to Astroglide or other generic water-based lubes.

So which is the best lube?

If you want the best bang for your buck, we commend Astroglide and KY brand. They are reputable brands that contain exactly what they promise, unlike some other brands, and provide gentle non-sticky lubrication. They provide great value compared to lubes advertised specifically for toys.

Both can be purchased in most pharmacies or grocery and convenience stores with a medical supplies or personal health aisle.