Alina Lopez Fleshlight Review: Deflower Her Rose

Alina Lopez

The Alina Lopez Fleshlight we had been waiting for launched this week — and you know what that means, we finally got our hands on it for a test drive!

Before I get into the review, let’s quickly make sure you know who Alina is. She’s a 26-year-old porn star who was voted Hottest Newcomer by AVN in 2019. She’s been racking up the recognition since and this sweetheart who is half Mexican and half Irish grew up in a conservative Mormon household.

And you know what that means. She was eager to rebel! In fact, before she joined the adult industry she was a model and a talented gymnast who won several state championships in Arizona. That’s a welcome talent in the bedroom.

Now that you’re well acquainted let’s get into our Alina Lopez Fleshlight review. Fleshlight released both a Butt and Lady orfice modeled after Alina. I opted for the Lady and I’ll explain why.

Alina is rather petite so I expected the sleeve to already have a higher intensity feel and fit than some others and that proved to be a good choice. So unless you want an extremely intense feel, I would recommend the Lady.

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Alina Lopez Rose Sleeve Texture

Called Rose, the first thing I noticed was that the sleeve begins with a narrow entry that guides you through a series of almost equally tight chambers as you make your way through.

You’ll feel a series of pleasure rings, grippers and intense edges as you thrust through the sleeve.

Unlike some other textures where the sleeve opens up as you go deeper, I found that my head was surrounded by tight textures almost the entire way through the in the Alina Lopez Fleshlight.

Alina is 5’6″ with a 32C rack and I have to say that’s almost exactly what Rose felt like. It’s just as tight as you’d expect a petite pussy to be and provided a very pleasurable experience.

Of course, you won’t be able to stare into Alina Lopez’s blue eyes but there’s not much better than deflowering the beautiful hottie by plucking her rose.