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Alina Lopez Fleshlight Review: Deflower Her Rose

Alina Lopez

The Alina Lopez Fleshlight we had been waiting for launched this week — and you know what that means, we finally got our hands on it for a test drive!

Before I get into the review, let’s quickly make sure you know who Alina is. She’s a 26-year-old porn star who was voted Hottest Newcomer by AVN in 2019. She’s been racking up the recognition since and this sweetheart who is half Mexican and half Irish grew up in a conservative Mormon household.

And you know what that means. She was eager to rebel! In fact, before she joined the adult industry she was a model and a talented gymnast who won several state championships in Arizona. That’s a welcome talent in the bedroom.

Now that you’re well acquainted let’s get into our Alina Lopez Fleshlight review. Fleshlight released both a Butt and Lady orfice modeled after Alina. I opted for the Lady and I’ll explain why.

Alina is rather petite so I expected the sleeve to already have a higher intensity feel and fit than some others and that proved to be a good choice. So unless you want an extremely intense feel, I would recommend the Lady.

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Alina Lopez Rose Sleeve Texture

Called Rose, the first thing I noticed was that the sleeve begins with a narrow entry that guides you through a series of almost equally tight chambers as you make your way through.

You’ll feel a series of pleasure rings, grippers and intense edges as you thrust through the sleeve.

Unlike some other textures where the sleeve opens up as you go deeper, I found that my head was surrounded by tight textures almost the entire way through the in the Alina Lopez Fleshlight.

Alina is 5’6″ with a 32C rack and I have to say that’s almost exactly what Rose felt like. It’s just as tight as you’d expect a petite pussy to be and provided a very pleasurable experience.

Of course, you won’t be able to stare into Alina Lopez’s blue eyes but there’s not much better than deflowering the beautiful hottie by plucking her rose.

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Review: Your New Crush

Dillion Harper Fleshlight

There’s no denying that Dillion Harper is one pretty girl. And now she’s a Fleshlight girl too.

In this Dillion Harper Fleshlight review, we’re going to take a deeper (pun intended) look at her sleeve and whether it’s one you should add to your collection.

But let’s first start with an introduction, if you don’t know exactly who she is. Dillion started out as a model on the pages of Penthouse and Hustler.

However, she really took off when she decided to enter the world of adult entertainment. The brown eyed babe is 5’5″ with 32D knockers to boot, which, as you can see, are just about perfect.

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Her sleeve texture is called Crush and the best way to describe it is that it’s a mix of several different textures from other popular Fleshlights.

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Crush Sleeve

In fact, it has five distinct chambers. As you enter, you start out in a tight fitting spherical delight that gradually gets more intense.

You then hit a wall of sorts that you’ll have to push through asking you almost as if you dare to push further. That guides you into a four ribbed feel that then transitions into diagonal ribs that are bunched together.

The mix of textures means that you’ll feel multiple sensations with every stroke. So if you’re looking for a variation of intense feels, Ms. Harper is perhaps even better than the real thing.

Joanna Angel Fleshlight Review: Your Own Misfit

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is known for her unique style and now she’s got her own one-of-a-kind Fleshlight.

In fact, the Joanna Angel Fleshlight sleeve texture is perfectly named Misfit and has quickly become one of the top selling sleeves with over 10 million sold.

Inspired by her punk-rock personality and style, the sleeve aims to take you on a wild ride.

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So what’s the Joanna Angel Fleshlight experience?

As you entire, you immediately feel gentle ribs that guides you into a lotus rib with teeth and bumps that push against your head.

That brings you to five ribs that bring you into a narrower path for the sensation to get that much more intense the more you push into it.

joanna angel fleshlight misfit texture

Keep going and you’ll enter a wave chamber that you’ve probably never seen in other Fleshlights. It has an S pattern that’ll ensure you’re feeling it at every turn.

It’s nice and tight so you feel the varied ribs as you’re making your way through.

The tattooed Joanna Angel has become known as more than a pornstar and was named one of the Top Sexiest New Yorkers. She’s 5 foot with perfect 32D knockers.

So if you’ve ever wanted to creampie this babe, this sleeve may be your ticket to Angel heaven.

Nikki Delano Fleshlight Review: Latin Heat

Today, we’ve got a Nikki Delano Fleshlight review for you — our first one featuring a Latino Fleshlight Girl.

Nikki grew up in Brooklyn as the oldest of eight kids. So wanting to set a good example for her siblings she went to college and got a degree in Forensic Psychology.

Which means not only is she a blonde bombshell with some of the best tits and ass you’ll see, but she’d be able to impress mommy.

Those green eyes with a 5’1″ body and 34 DD cups is a deadly combination. Is it any wonder this pornstar has won accolades like Best Latino Performer, Best Ass and Best Butt? But the best part of that is we can now take that award winning ass on a test drive.

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Now let’s take a look at closer look inside at the Nikki Delano Fleshlight:

nikki delano fleshlight fuego

The lady sleeve of Nikki Delano’s Fleshlight features the Fuego texture, which is quite unique. It stars out with a wavy entry point and pleasure nodes, which are almost immediately followed by ridges that raise the sensation.

That takes you to a center with several overlapping ridges and strands that’ll have to gripping to hold on to your load. If you make it that far, the final chamber has a lined pattern with alternating tightness.

nikki delano fleshlight fantastico

The butt texture Fantastica, by comparison that you see above, is more straight forward but upon trying it, it’s a bit misleading because it brings you one row after another of intense ridges and surprising variances of tightness

Overall, they both lived up to expectations with sensations that Nikki would be proud of delivering herself.