Brandi Love Fleshlight Review: She’s A Heartthrob

Brandi Love

The Brandi Love Fleshlight has been released and, boy, is it different than I expected.

If you’re not familiar with Brandi, she’s been able to make herself the ultimate MILF. The 40+ year-old American porn star proves age is just a number.

She’s originally of Polish and German descent with massive 34 DD breasts that certainly don’t hurt. She’s 5′ 7″ and came into the world of adult film into her 30s and then just to prove how good she is, she’s won MILF Performer and Best Cougar multiple times.

The babe been known for her swinger circles for years and is very open about her thoughts on relationships so the Brandi Love Fleshlight will help you swing your dick right into her.

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Brandi’s Fleshlight uses the new Heartthrob texture for the lady and Shameless for the butt. I’ll cover the Heartthrob sleeve here since that’s the one I purchased for this review.

Now, even at first glance you’ll notice this is an extremely unique texture. Unlike some other sleeves that include a variety of different textures as you get deeper into it, the Heartthrob keeps is quite consistent. I wondered how that would affect the intensity of the strokes.

Brandi Love Fleshlight

After using it several times, I can report that it’s definitely not what I expected. It’s got a very tight opening so as soon as you enter, you almost feel like you’re entering Brandi Love’s forbidden space. As you push in further, it actually widens a bit so you immediately get a sense of comfort being surrounded by the walls.

The singular texture is snug so it manages to keep the intensity consistent throughtout the session. And what you’ll notice is that the top walls are slightly different than the bottom half so depending on the position you come in, you’ll get a slightly different experience each time. It’s certainly intense and each time I’ve had a slightly different experience.

If you enjoy a tight and intense experience, I definitely recommend the Brandi Love Fleshlight. She may just be my new heartthrob.