Fleshlight Destroya Sleeve Review

Jenna Haze

Today, I’m reviewing the Fleshlight Destroya sleeve.

It comes in the classic pink look in both the lady or butt — and it’s definitely one of those that is tighter than you ever think it’s going to be.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons this sleeve forms the base for the popular Stoya Fleshlight (review).

It measures in at a solid 9 inches and starts of with rows of gentle bumps from its narrow entry to ease you in. It’s visible in the texture view below on the left side.

That’s quickly followed by what can probably best be described as a pleasure dome, with small ridges all over up and around in a 360 pattern.

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Fleshlight Destroya Sleeve

This is something you’ll feel as soon as you reach it and you’ll simultaneously want to push in further but also want to stay in with head surrounded by the ridges on all sides.

But once you venture in further, that’s when you hit the three rows of teeth that will almost tug at you. As you push in and out, they provide a lot of stimulation.

The moment it gets more than you can handle, push yourself in just that little bit more to encounter the rows upon rows of ribs that get more narrow the deeper you go into the sleeve.

If you like tight sleeves that deliver a lot of intense sensation, the Fleshlight Destroya sleeve could be the one for you.