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Maitland Ward Fleshlight Review: Toy Meets World

Maitland Ward Fleshlight

Maitland Ward is best known for her role as bombshell Rachel McGuire on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World and now she’s the newest Fleshlight Girl.

Maitland has had the attention of men all over the world since her starring roles in TV shows like World and Bold and the Beautiful as a teen and movies like White Chicks so we were only too excited to bring her into our bedroom. Of course, the 34DD figure definitely doesn’t hurt.

We got our hands on it early for this Maitland Ward Fleshlight review, as is usually the case there are two sleeves, one features an orifice modeled after her vagina, and the other replicates her butt. Both have different textures inside, and as always, the toy were molded directly from the 5’11” babe’s anatomy.

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We’ll review the Lady sleeve texture here. For which, your eyes immediately go to the generous lips and the signature that emblazon the outside. Still remembering my feelings for Ward’s Rachel from my teen years, I couldn’t wait to slide inside.

Maitland Ward sleeve

The sleeve itself brings you in with a gentle texture followed two chambers to welcome you in with tight a hug before you hit the three discs filled with a plethora of dotted textures. I imagine it would be like if the busty actress gave you a tight hug before letting you in.

You’ll feel them all around and that gets even better if you opt for the larger stroke. Pull yourself back to near the entrance and then slide your head back in and you will experience a multitude of them with each push.

One thing we definitely noticed is that, unlike some of the other sleeves we’ve reviewed, this one isn’t too tight. In fact, it’s probably just as tight as you’d expect it to be. I think that’s a couple of points for the accurate mold of the blue-eyed redhead’s anatomy.

When she signed the deal, the actress promised her fans “won’t be disappointed” and we definitely have to agree with that.

Emily Willis Fleshlight Review: She’ll Milk You Tight

Emily Willis Fleshlight

When I ordered the Emily Willis Fleshlight, I had a good feeling about it and I’m happy to report that even then it managed to surpass my expectations.

First, if you’re not familiar with Emily, she was born in Argentina and raised in a Mormon household in Nevada. Looking for a change, the beauty lashed out when she hit her adult years by filming an adult scene with her boyfriend. As they say, the rest is history.

She’s a petite 5’5″ weighing 120lbs with brown eyes and a 32A bust. So with Fleshlight’s track record of perfectly moulding their subject, I was expecting a tight sleeve — and I wasn’t let down.

In fact, with the Squirt texture chosen for her Fleshlight, you get a snug fit all the way through from the entry to the finish.

As you can see below, it features a corkscrew entry that holds the line as you slide over everything from bumps and to alternating ridges and spines.

Squirt Fleshlight Sleeve Texture

And once you get past the 5 inch depth (roughly half way above), it features a completely different set of textures. So for the ultimate sensation, my advice is to alternate your stroke lengths to get the most out of this beauty.

If you enjoy a tight fit, this one is a must-add to your repertoire. Emily will definitely screw you on tight and milk you till you release.

Abella Danger Fleshlight Review: Enter the Danger Zone

Abella Danger

The one we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: the Abella Danger Fleshlight!

Abella Danger is known for her an natural knack to make men drool as they watch her adult performances. She won the coveted Best New Starlet award at all three major adult entertainment award shows in 2016 as well as the Hottest Newcomer Award.

Her raw performances are just one reason she’s rocketed up the charts and she’s since won several others so it’s little wonder that men around the world want to penetrate that pussy. And now we finally can.

In fact, she’s the youngest pornstar to ever become a Fleshlight Girl.

“I’m eternally grateful for the orgasms I’ve had that I know I will remember my entire life. I hope my fans love fucking me as much as I love getting fucked!,” she said upon joining the club.

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So what’s the Abella Danger Fleshlight like?

It comes in two flavors: Lady and Butt – affectionately described as Danger Zone – which is accurate because both are seemingly the combination of their best textures combined into one.

From the corkscrew entry that grabs the head of your penis and pulls it in to the varied pleasure nodes all throughout the sleeve, it’s just as memorable as a review of Abella Danger’s performances.

Here’s what the sleeve looks like on the inside:

Abella Danger Sleeve

As you can see there are several pleasure zones. After several uses, we’d recommend varying the length of each stroke.

That will almost give you a new intense sensation with every thrust.

Of course, it’s just as tight a fit as you’d expect entering into a sleeve modeled after the 5″4′ hottie. It almost feels better each time you use it.

Abigail Mac Fleshlight Review: A Lush Encounter

Abigail Mac

We’ve got your review of the new Abigail Mac Fleshlight.

Abigail Mac is known for her remarkable features, from those 34D breasts to her hazel eyes and tight butt, which is probably why the sleeve modeled from her is called Lush.

She started as a webcam girl by teasing her viewers but it wasn’t long before a production company reached out and offered her a contract on the spot. Her stock has been steadily rising since and she rightly won for Best Boobs.

She’s become a true California girl since, taking in the beach and everything else. That’s why Lush offers pleasure nodes just like those you’d encounter with the luscious 5’2″ star.

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Here’s what the sleeve looks like on the inside:

Abigail Mac Sleeve Texture

There’s a great deal of variation in the texture depending on how deep you push into it, which provides remarkable stimulation and keeps things interesting with the perfect amount of intensity.

The sleeve has big vaginal lips just like Abigail and that true to reality feature adds to the tightness you’ll experience on entry. Don’t know about you but that is one detail we absolutely love.