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Best Fleshlight: See Our Top Picks

I’ve been reviewing Fleshlight for several years now. I own and have tried almost all their best sellers. The question I get asked the most of is …

Which is the best Fleshlight of them all?

So today I thought I would share my favorite Fleshlight (s) and what makes them my best picks.

Lana Rhoades in TubLana Rhoades Fleshlight

Maybe I’m just a sucker for Lana Rhoades but I just love my Fleshlight modeled straight from Lana’s ever so perfect pussy. She’s the perfect example of a stunningly beautiful girl who is raised by extremely religious parents in a small town.

The 5’4″ hottie with blue eyes and a 32DDD cup to boot has a special place in my heart and so does her Fleshlight. In fact, with all I’ve put it through, it’s earned it.

The combination of textures on the sleeve, from the pockets to the rings, make for the perfect combination that just gives you the feeling of a completely satisfying thrust.

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Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

What can I say, sometimes you’re just craving a blowjob. And that’s exactly what this baby is made for. The packaging promises the “ultimate” oral toy and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint.

From the moment you break it in, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about thanks to its lips, tongue and throat textures that fulfill that very specific desire.

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Fleshlight Quickshot

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
I could never make a favorites list and not include the Quickshot. Ever since I got it, this little beauty has become one of my go-to Fleshlights.

Whether I’m travelling, or just want a quick release without a lot of cleanup, it’s right by my bedside. What makes it unique is its size and the openings on both sides. Along with the added feel when you insert one end and come out another, the double openings and size also means it dries quickly.

You get a lot of stimulation without having to allow for a long drying time when you’re done.

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Honorable mention: Stamina Training Unit

And remember, always warm up before use for the best experience.

Fleshlube Water Review

Fleshlube Water

If you’ve owned a Fleshlight for any length of time, you’ve probably wondered what lubricant to use to make the most of your sessions and should you be using Fleshlight’s Fleshlube Water lube?

Lucky for you, today we’re going to answer just that.

What’s different about Fleshlube?

In one word: water. As the name suggests, Fleshlube Water is a water based lubricant.

When you’re dealing with the Fleshlight, that’s extremely important to keep in mind. You should never use an oil based or any other lubricant with your Fleshlight. As we explain on our which lube can I use page, any lube you use must be water based.  Use anything else and you risk damaging your prized possession.

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Is this unique to Fleshlube?

While Fleshlube has it’s own unique mixture, there are in fact several options that we go over in our best lube for Fleshlight post.

It is possible to purchase other lubes that fit the bill but carefully read the print to make sure it is water based.

With that said, there’s no denying that there’s something perfect about the Fleshlube’s consistency as a smooth and long-lasting lubricant. The additional options like fire, which adds a tingling sensation to your intimate time, doesn’t hurt either.

That’s one of the reasons we recommend stocking up whenever you spot a sale. It doesn’t expire quickly and you can often get it for the same price as the competitors.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review: Best Blowjob Simulator

Have you heard of the newest addition to the lineup: The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust?

If you’ve been looking for a Fleshlight that replicates realistic and mind-blowingly satisfying oral sex, let me begin by telling you this is it.

The Turbo Thrust is designed with three points of insertion so you can replicate the sensation of the lips, tongue as well as the throat.

In other words: it been engineered to be the best blowjob simulator.

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Fleshlight Turbo Review

The first time I tried it, it certainly sent a shiver down my spine as my head worked its way through each of the three zones. Each of them has a distinct sensation, especially with the unique narrow ribbed texture it features.

Whether you want just the tip stimulated or you’re craving the tight feel of being deep throated, the Fleshlight Turbo is there to deliver it with what they claim is a “patented” action.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

The key is the amount of lube. You’ll know what works for you after a couple of tries. A lot of it depends on whether you like to be gently sucked, enjoy a sloppy blowjob or something in between.

With the right amount of lube to get it just the way I like it, it brought me oral sensations I didn’t think was possible with a simulator or toy.

Now I know why it’s rated 5 stars ever since this best-selling full size gem was introduced. If you get the Blue Ice version, it also comes with a clear Turbo case so you can see yourself right through it.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder Alternative

Renewing Powder

Since we posted the Fleshlight Renewing Powder review, we’ve heard from a number of you asking if there are cheaper alternatives.

We’re happy to share: YES!

There are actually two very good alternatives if you want to save a few dollars and put it towards your next Fleshlight instead.

Fleshlight has special prices for our readers: see them now!

Corn Starch

This isn’t just good for cooking! In fact, corn starch is the primary ingredient in the Fleshlight renewing powder. Often used to thicken soups, most people don’t know that it’s also used in paper products as an anti-sticking agent and that’s exactly why it works so well here.

Baby Powder

If you want your sleeve to feel like the day you just got it, it’s only right you treat it as well as a newborn baby’s bottom. Baby powder works wonders and is a great alternative if you don’t have corn starch around the house.

Use either of these just as you would the real thing, after you have rinsed and cleaned the sleeve.

You’ll quickly see the stickiness go away and the Fleshlight SuperSkin return to it’s former natural and soft glory.